Going Green

As we are all aware, we live in a very different world than it was when our business opened 12 years ago. The environment is often the talk at gatherings with business people, and also at our own kitchen tables. There are environmental factors that we all must take into consideration with choices that we make for ourselves, our families and our businesses. This is no longer something that will wait or can be ignored because it is inconvenient.

With this in mind, it is a very exciting time for us to be in business. We have been developing some significant changes in the way that we do our work, all the while believing, that we can have it all, a business that puts its customers and the environment before the old ways of doing things, and a superior product finish that keeps our work right at the top of the competition.

In our work to become a ‘greener’ body shop, we have also become the first body shop in Utah to use environmentally-friendly waterborne paint from PPG. This paint improves air quality for the work environment and for the community. It also reduces toxic emissions up to 80%. We’re fortunate to have the reduction in hazardous waste that comes naturally with the use of such a fine material. The amount of chemical solvent that is in use today at our shop is 90% less than it was a year ago. Any of the material that we do use is recycled at our shop in a special chemical recycler. Toxic chemicals that are used every day in the body shop business in chemical solvents we use have cut all of this without compromising the quality of our finished product! We have very much enjoyed being a leader for our fellow competitors to look up to. Our team has had numerous hours of training with this awesome new material and its developers, we are proud to say that we have been using waterborne paint exclusively for six months.

At Dixie Auto Body, we didn’t stop there when we decided to go green. We also participate in our local recycling programs. We recycle our cardboard and paper also old cars parts such as plastic bumpers, medal body panels and most headlights. We strive to recycle all that we can in an effort to reuse all that is possible. We want to eliminate as much waste as possible.

On the heels of all this change that we are a part of, we have started using paperless accounting, cutting down on even more needless waste. Also we support our local community of businesses from local nurseries to local parts vendors whenever possible, believing that a great business happens on a local level first.

We are excited about the future here at Dixie Auto Body, and we will continue to find even more ways to be kind to the environment while being a leader in our industry in Utah. It is important to us that all of our customers feel like they have made the right choice not only for their auto body and paint needs, but also for the future of our children and the beautiful state of Utah.